WP7 - Ireland's first area based integrated green tourism plan (pdf edition)

WP7 - Ireland's first area based integrated green tourism plan (pdf edition)

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Frances McGettigan

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Main Description

Ireland's first area based integrated green tourism plan



The aim of this paper is to investigate how an initiative designed to strategically develop under-performing and under-developed tourist regions in the West of Ireland will be implemented. The Western Development Commission, a Government Agency, along with other stakeholders from the North and South of Ireland are pursuing a strategy to develop Ireland's First Area-Based Integrated Ecotourism Plan in the North West of Ireland. The defined area for this pilot project is know as the 'Green box' including the counties of Leitrim, West Cavan, Fermanagh, North Roscommon, North Sligo, and south Donegal.
This paper examines how the area's potential for Green tourism is based on already established environmental and tourism elements capable of generating ecotourism activity. The strategy endeavours to develop this area's potential to deliver an Ecotourism destination, a conceptual and spatial 'Green Box' containing environmentally sustainable products, accommodation and attractions within a context of clean natural resources. This paper contains background information on ecotourism and its sustainable approach to tourism development. The author describes the process necessary for a community organisation to plan and develop an area as an Ecotourism destination. This paper examines the process for planning for Green Tourism and assesses the successful implementation of this overall initiative taken by the Western Development Commission.

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