Ten years of cultural development in Sibiu: The European Cultural Capital and Beyond

Ten years of cultural development in Sibiu: The European Cultural Capital and Beyond

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Edited By Greg Richards and Ilie Rotariu
Sibiu: University of Lucian Blaga 67 , 85 pp
May 2011
ISBN: 978-606-12-0140-2

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Main Description

  • Background to the visit
  • A report of the city of Sibiu
  • Methodology
  • Profile of visitors of Sibiu
  • Previous visits to Sibiu
  • Visit characteristics
  • Accommodation
  • Information sources
  • Visitor behaviour
  • Quality of visitor experience
  • Aspects of the visitor experience
  • Economic impacts
  • Total tourism expenditure trends
  • Tourism development effects
  • Perceived impacts of the ECOC
  • The image of Sibiu
  • Cultural impacts
  • Business impacts
  • Impacts on major stakeholders
  • Sustainability
  • Conclusions: The long term impact of culture-led regeneration in Sibiu
  • Bibliography
Background to the study

This study presents the results of ten year monitoring programme on cultural and tourism development in the city of Sibiu. The programme was initiated by Ilie Rotariu and his colleagues from the Lucian Blaga University in 2001. Over the ten years research period the programme expanded to cover a wide range of data sources, including resident and visitor surveys, stakeholders interviews and secondary statistical data.

The research started at a fairly low level with studies of single events in the cultural agenda of Sibiu. The programme was significantly expanded in 2007 thanks to the staging of the European Capital of Culture in the city. Support from the ECOC allowed the scale of the research to be increased. Since 2007 the Lucian Blaga University has continued to collect data using its own resources.

This study is unique as it is probably the first long-term study of the cultural and tourism development of a city in a former Socialist country in Central and Eastern Europe. The data in the current report build on and extend the analysis provided in the earlier report "The impact of the 2007 European Cultural Capital in Sibiu: A long term perspective ", published in 2010.

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