ATLAS Reflections 2012 - Re-creating the Global City

ATLAS Reflections 2012 - Re-creating the Global City

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Tourism, Leisure and Mega-Events in the Transformation of 21st Century Cities

Edited by: Melanie Smith, Leontine Onderwater and Jantien Veldman
Arnhem: ATLAS 92 pp
September 2012
ISBN: 978-90-75775-54-9

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Melanie Smith

Parking Mega-Events: Mega-Events, Parks and Urban Change
Maurice Roche

Taking the Township to the Tourist
Michael Gold

Transforming Budapest - The case study of Sziget Festival
Lorant David a.o.

Festive leisure:
Significant changes in perception and organization of festivals

Cristina Ortega Nuere, Aurora Madariaga Ortuzar

A humanistic approach to understanding visitor experiences:
A tool for experiential place marketing

Ana Goytia Prat a.o.

The Legacy of a Mega Event
Ex-post territorial monitoring of the “Torino 2006” Olympic Games

Sara Levi Sacerdotti, Marta Bottero

Branding Brazilian slums through "freeware" cultural production: the case of Rio de Janeiro
Antonio Paolo Russo

The spatial logic of house swapping: Towards a post-tourist geography
Antonio Paolo Russo, Alan Quaglieri Domínguez

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