Creative Tourism Trend Report Volume 1 (pdf licensed edition)


Creative Tourism Trend Report Volume 1 (pdf licensed edition)

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Edited By Greg Richards
Arnhem: ATLAS, 93 pp
ISBN: 978-90-75775-785

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PDF Licensed  Edition

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Main Description

Aims, content and scope of the report
The field of creative tourism is dynamic and fast moving. Since Greg Richards and Crispin Raymond first defined ‘creative tourism’ as a concept in 2000, the idea has been picked up, developed, expanded and improved by countless individuals, organisations and destinations around the world.
Although a growing number of publications on creative tourism are now available, these tend to be largely academic in nature (many of the key sources are listed in the bibliography in section 16). This trend report aims to provide up-to-date, accessible information on creative tourism for all those who want to develop, market and understand the phenomenon.

The main objective of this report is to give timely information on the development of different dimensions of creative tourism. In doing so, we focus on creative experiences for tourists that conform to the definition of creative tourism as expressed by Richards and Raymond (2000, see section 2), as well as subsequent extensions of the term (OECD, 2014 – see section 3.7). We therefore deal with creative tourism in a broad sense, and not just the provision of workshops or individual experiences. In this trend report we aim to:
•    Identify trends in creative tourism development and marketing
•    Trace the adoption and development of policies relating to creative tourism
•    Develop market data and information to inform strategy and policy
•    Collect and analyse best practice in creative tourism
•    Stimulate debate on the nature and effects of creative tourism

We aim to provide a wide range of information on creative tourism in terms of different creative fields, different forms of creative activity and different types of destinations.
In particular we identify interesting trends that can give clues about the future of tourism. In this issue we pay attention to the convergence of tourism, creativity and the creative industries. This is a theme analysed in the OECD (2014) report on the Creative Economy and Tourism.
We want to focus on crossovers and areas of integration between creative sectors, between creativity and tourism and on the development of tourism as a creative industry, which is significant to the work of IGCAT (see section 11).
A number of these areas of crossover are dealt with in the current report. For example, we look at the development of creative content for tourism within multimedia marketing use, we analyse the growth of creative forms of accommodation, design events as tourist attractions and we examine the increasing convergence of gastronomy, creativity and tourism.

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