WP19 - Meaning of landscape for tourists – results of research (pdf edition)


WP19 - Meaning of landscape for tourists – results of research (pdf edition)

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By Nada I. Vidic
Arnhem: ATLAS, 35 pp
ISBN: 978-90-75775-808

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Main Description

The paradigm of this article is the definition of landscape, according to which “a landscape means an area, as perceived by people, whose character is the result of the action and interaction of natural and/or human factors” (European Landscape Convention-ELC, Article 1, 2000, www.coe.int/dg4).

The people described in this article are tourists. The author of this paper is to define a Model for research the meanings of landscape for tourists. Aaccording to this Model meaning of landscape for tourists have following components: cultural, aesthetic, educational, psychological, and sociological and leisure.We are investigating what for tourists meaning differently landscapes on the example of Sremski Karlovci, toward this Model.

Sremski Karlovci, a small town situated near Novi Sad of the capital city of the Province of Vojvodina (Serbia). In Sremski Karlovci there is a heterogeneous landscape: cultural in the old town, natural landscape of the Danube River banks and mountain landscape on the slopes of Fruska gora (Map 1).

The goal of this research is to determine:
- What for tourists meanings of landscapes in Sremski Karlovci and
- What local authorities need to change in the current landscape, with the aim that they to become tourism landscapes.

In the preparation of the paper have been used a differently methods: analytical method, method of observation, method of survey research, synthetic method. Based on the Model for research the meanings of landscape for tourists made the questionnaire, on the Likert and Terston scale. Research was conducted at six sites in all landscapes in Sremski Karlovci. Respondents were domestic and foreign tourists.

According to the results of this research landscape of Sremski Karlovci for tourist meanings places for: spending time with friends and family; recreational, relaxation, compliance, self-conscious, acquiring new knowledge, elation, joy, calmness, contact with the local population.

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