WP20 - The value of food-related landscapes in Culinary Tourism (pdf edition)


WP20 - The value of food-related landscapes in Culinary Tourism (pdf edition)

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By Gloria Rodríguez
Arnhem: ATLAS, 18 pp
ISBN: 978-90-75775-815

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Main Description

Food and gastronomy are currently arousing great interest as recreational activities and as tourism motivators. Culinary Tourism in its current state, however, is mainly composed of culinary consumption and ignores the possibilities that other elements such as food-related landscapes can offer, especially when linked with the cultural aspects of food production, or the food itself, and with the individual experience of food collection or preparation.

In this paper we examine the current role that food-related landscapes play in Culinary Tourism, the potential role that this element could play, and the tangible and intangible values that incorporating this element can add to our Culinary Tourism portfolio.

The paper describes some of the most relevant aspects to consider when incorporating landscape into our tourism products to ensure that we create a sufficiently interesting and sustainable product portfolio that is well adapted to the demand characteristics of this new tourism niche. 

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