WP23 - Impact of hospitality of a city on a tourist experience of the visitors (pdf edition)


WP23 - Impact of hospitality of a city on a tourist experience of the visitors (pdf edition)

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By Srđan Milošević, Dragica Tomka, Iva Škrbić
Arnhem: ATLAS, 18 pp
ISBN: 978-90-75775-846

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PDF Edition

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Main Description

This paper focuses the research on the attitude of the city hosts, who are in direct contact with the visitors, and the role of the host, and its significance for the forming of a tourist experience of a visitor. The object of research of this paper are attitudes and observations of key stakeholders in the field of tourism on their host role and mutual relations at a destination. The research was conducted through discussion, by means of a World café method. Stakeholders from the profit and non-profit sector took part in the discussion as surveyees, taking into seeing as all of them together should form a complex system, an organism of the host city. The topics that are to be discussed stem from the results of the research of the attitude of visitors of Novi Sad during the Exit festival – 2013 on the hospitality of the local population and the service sector employees. Exactly 106 “Exit” visitors, aged 18-35 and coming from 5 different countries, were surveyed. The city of Novi Sad in the Republic of Serbia was chosen as a place of research, considering its intensive development of tourism in the past 15 years. 

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